About Us

Custom fabrication of brass is often used for decorative purposes such as cladding, hand rails, doors and furniture. Some advantages in using brass is it's classy appearance, ability to resist corrosion and it's excellent plating, polishing and finishing characteristics. It combines beautifully with contrasting materials and enables stunning colour finishes - at Custom Brass & Restorations we can create customised brass fabrications for just about any use you require. 

As our name suggests, Custom Brass & Restorations specializes in the fabrication, manufacture, repair and polishing of brass products. Although our initial fabrication business began with brass our expertise now stretches to the use of all metals and glass, with a strong reputation in heritage restoration within both the public and private sector.

Servicing NSW and ACT, Custom Brass & Restorations sets the standard in metal finishing with a commitment to meet the requirements of every project through quality design and the highest standards in workmanship.

We believe in a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to custom fabrication and decorative metal finishes, whereby Custom Brass & Restorations provide consultancy, design, project management, manufacture and installation for all projects.

Our Services include:
  • Fabrication to custom design
  • Brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel
  • Chemically aged brass
  • Manufacture of brass railings and balustrades
  • Manufacture, repair, polish, re-finishing, and re-plating of brass items including antiques, collectibles, household and utilitarian objects - from benchtops and tables, to architectual features
  • Manufacture and restoration of metal signs and plaques
  • Heritage/historical restoration work for both public and private sectors
  • Installation